While many of us feel confident in our abilities to decipher and interact with the world around us, history is filled with examples of how very wrong we can be when we fail to recognize the need for evidence in supporting claims. The lazy, if not mentally drained, student could say, "Not again." It rewards them professionally by getting their name out into the research community before they’ve even graduated. University research helps your teachers to be ‘lifelong learners’. Students are able to use that experience to see the practical application of their classroom experience represented in research projects. Students learn good critical appraisal skills; all information is not the same, some information is good and some is not.” Pfefer said that students interested in research are mentored by faculty, and assist in a variety of ways, including literature searching, … Research is as important as life itself. The same is true for the health sciences. Being involved in research helps ensure that lecturers are actually engaged in what they are teaching. Why Is Nursing Research Important? A piece of research is embedded in a frame-work or way of seeing the world. Our understanding of the way things are, how things happen and what is responsible for such occurrences is due to the help of research. So, governments and businesses often provide grants and funding for appropriate equipment. Other benefits of research to the students are as follows: 1. Without it, we would be forced to rely solely on intuition, other people’s authority, and blind luck. And a disinterested academic could just be doing it for promotion purposes. “Students are taught strategies to search for information and to assess the quality of the information found. © 2008-2020 Cleveland University-Kansas City. 4 The products of research are propositions or statements. This means that research-intensive universities need better laboratories, bigger libraries and specialist equipment. Finding out the facts about your assignments, your job, or your life will allow you to make better decisions and gain more knowledge. Other benefits of research to the students are as follows: 1. Why is university research important for students? Without research, advancements that have improved some lives and saved others may not have come to pass. But for a long time, there has been a lot of misunderstanding about the role that research plays at educational institutions. — Dina Abdelaal, 18, Suez Advanced Industrial School, Suez, Egypt Science is most important because from science we can know everything, and we can do everything to find out what we want to know. Nearly 40 percent of UC Davis undergraduates participate in hands-on research. Research is important because the world faces many problems and science tries to solve [them]. Research by undergraduate students helps push science forward, but its most important effect is often the change it makes in the students themselves. Guidance on where to start, contacts and useful links, The unique people who bring Kaplan International Pathways to you. It’s hugely valuable to know that teaching staff won’t fall behind the times when it comes to knowing their subject and sector. CUKC Offers New B.S. Complex Reading Skills Are Applied to Multiple Sources This shows the quality, quantity and influence of a university’s research. Research makes our brains think with scientific methods. But not all of it is true especially today, where sharing information is much easier through the use of the internet. You’ll use products, take medicine and learn from knowledge that’s all been made possible by research. Research-active healthcare providers appear to provide better care and achieve better patient outcomes, [7] making the investment of time in research training for medical students potentially very important to building a healthier society in the long term. Why Cleveland University-Kansas City (CUKC)? Most importantly, it’s a powerful part of the educational experience at CU-KC and one we are proud to share with our students. Whether it is about personal development or career development, a research paper always brings crucial changes in the way a student perceives things. But, undergraduate students also benefit from up-to-date knowledge, and being close to developments in their subject. Referencing allows you to acknowledge the contribution of other writers and researchers in your work. The research is important for the students because it helps them to have a detailed analysis of everything. This is the idea that, no matter how old you are, or how many qualifications you have, you can always learn more. Nowadays research is very easy we can do 90% of our research sitting at home using internet and can get the answers of all the questions we want. 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There are countless career options to choose from and it can be a daunting task to narrow it down to the one that is bested suited for you. “We’ve had numerous students participate as co-authors on recent publications and presentations,” Pfefer said. Why should you consider getting involved in research and creative scholarship: Gain hands-on experience completing a research or creative project. Acknowledging all the sources that you have used in your research is important part of research paper writing and it helps you avoid plagiarism. The research carried out by universities might seem disconnected from your educational experience. Find out more about what cookies we are using and why in our, Spotlight on Simmons: earn a dual-degree in engineering with Columbia University, How universities are fighting the coronavirus: part III, Study an Art and Design degree at the University of Westminster, New International Year One: study Tourism and Hospitality in Bournemouth, International Year One courses at Essex: 4 ways to change the world, UWE Bristol: top 10 in the UK for student satisfaction, Study at some of the most international universities in the UK, Arizona State University: a U.S. hub of innovation, The University of Nottingham: International and Sports University, New International Year One: study Architecture in Brighton, Study business with technology for a successful career, Spotlight on Nottingham Trent: Nottingham Business School. Research can light the fire of curiosity that will continue throughout a professional career, and there is no end to what can be learned. If you study a master’s degree then you may be more directly involved in important university research. According to Kalisa, when teachers help students to become independent, it help them to develop their own ideas, rather than always looking to teachers on everything; which at the end will see such learners as problems solvers even in future. International students can stay in the UK for 2 years after graduation with new Visa. The only way to credit the validity of any information is through research. In the context of the debate about what works and why, there is a wide range of benefits to researching your own practice, whether directly feeding into improvement through action research or, more broadly, gaining understanding and knowledge on themes of interest and relevance. Ultimately, the key to a successful research project lies in iteration: the process of returning again and again to the research questions, methods, and data, which leads to new ideas, revisions and improvements. It ensures that they themselves continue to learn. It provides the building block upon which societal growth and advancement is hinged. Our world is full of information ‘š A wide ocean of knowledge that all of us can easily acquire. Research is required not just for students and academics, but for all professionals. Why academic research is so important? The Importance of Research Research: Whether you love it or hate it, you need to do it. The collective work between students and administrators has proven to be a successful combination and he looks forward to the continuation of these efforts in future studies. Trained professionals are also required to engage with academic research in a lot of instances. When you have proper in depth analysis on any topic, the result comes out to be fruitful and also the knowledge is enhanced. LexisNexis Educational research Solutions on March 27, 2018: Educational research is important in education because it is conducted in order to provide reliable information regarding educational issues and their solutions. Ntombi on March 24, 2018: Thank you. The answer is yes, medical students should and must engage in research as part of their studies and here are some of the reasons why: Research experience in medical school is increasingly becoming an important factor when it comes to obtaining training positions post-graduate. There are many fields that require you to engage with academic research. Ultimately, they can become better health care professionals by engaging in work outside the classroom that challenges them in a similar fashion. Research citation toolsare an essential piece of the academic writing process. Latest information: Apply with confidence | Study with confidence | Live with confidence. This is true for undergraduate students as well as postgraduate students. University research usually requires investment in state-of-the-art facilities. Cancer research is very important in the fight against cancer. Overland Park, KS 66210 Deciding which profession is right for you can be a difficult process. It educates our students personally by opening their eyes to new possibilities. Finding reasons why research is important may seem like a no-brainer, but many would rather avoid getting involved in the research. Though projects can sometimes take years, or even decades, to complete, the research is applicable in the classroom right away. Citations are not used simply to avoid plagiarism; they have other important roles too. It might be something you want to take into account when choosing a study destination. But, university research can have a huge impact on your life as a student, even if you don’t realise it! At Cleveland, those are the exhilarating breakthroughs that research can deliver. Research with Rigour To Hairon, teachers do research for a different reason in contrast to academics. That’s why we’re sharing the reasons why university research is important for students. There is a (800) 467-2252. 10850 Lowell Avenue Among professionals and scribes, finding an interesting topic to discuss and/or to write about should go beyond personal experience. Finally, university research has a valuable long-term impact on students. No matter which subject you study, your textbooks and resources are usually informed by research carried out by academics. This site uses cookies and by using the site you are consenting to this. That’s why we’re sharing the reasons why university research is important for students. As researcher and professor Dr John Story wrote in a 2012 Huffington Post article, this can turn professors into better teachers because they can empathise with their students. This important recognition From climate change to mental health, universities are truly leading the way into the future with their research. Enhances knowledge: Work closely with a faculty mentor and have the opportunity to connect with other faculty and other student researchers who work in your area of interest. When you have a proper in-depth analysis of any topic, the result comes out to be fruitful and also the knowledge is enhanced. Drawing from these experiences can help students stand out during interviews for graduate and professional school programs, as well as the job market. Writing academic papers requires that a person cites academic research to make arguments. Even when professors have a long history of students complaining that they are incomprehensible, they remain in the classroom because they have tenure, and they perform important research. This will also impact their future in their chosen profession by putting them in the position to attach their name to efforts that may have reshaped the parameters that were once the norm. Ultimately, research is essential to economic and social development of our globalised society, forming the foundations governmental policies around the world. Before you … The research paper adds various values to students. Any university assignments that draw on the ideas, words or research of other writers must contain citations. Research was always a very important part for almost everything, even when there was no technology at all research used to be done but of course that used to be a time consuming process. Dr. Mark Pfefer, director of research at CU-KC, collaborates with Cleveland students on a variety of projects. Perhaps the most important contribution of professors doing research is that it creates (or at least enforces) lifelong learners, learning that involves making mistakes while pursuing the joy of discovery. Secondly, cutting-edge research can help keep your lecturers stimulated and challenged. Through detailed research, students develop critical thinking expertise, as well as effective analytical, research, and communication skills that are globally sought-after and incredibly beneficial. This means that they will gain valuable insight into their particular subject area. Why Is Career Research Important?. Participating in undergraduate research allows students to engage in unique experiences; typically students work as individuals or in small teams on research and creative projects. In fact, you’ll often see current and past research projects feature prominently on a university website’s homepage. For universities, the research component allows for a broader educational experience whereby students are able to explore the effects of applying new thought processes through study and testing. Production research is essential for students to learn because in there life if they ever organise some sort of production they need to know how to research and plan the production for it … 8 Reasons Why Students Should Still Write Research Papers 1. Pfefer said that students interested in research are mentored by faculty, and assist in a variety of ways, including literature searching, data collection, data entry and manuscript development. Why Research is Important to Students? “The objective in academic research is to produce new knowledge but for most teachers doing research, the purpose is to improve practice while being informed by theory at the same time. Just from me and my brother cancer experience I’m very confident that someone will live because of the research that took place during our treatments. Cancer Research is at the forefront of finding a cure for this deadly disease. US university rankings: what should you consider? Some people find it hard to see the contribution that research makes to students’ university education. Universities need to ensure that they have the resources they need to carry out their research. Consider how the research experience … In fact, being at the cutting edge of research in a particular subject can filter through to students. Why it’s important. The research is important for the students because it helps them to have a detailed analysis of everything. Scientific research is a critical tool for successfully navigating our complex world. It is easy to think of research as a step-by-step “1, 2, 3” process, but it is important to be flexible and open to change. Benefits of university research for students It means teachers have up-to-date knowledge. The fundamental purpose of academic research is to prove a theory and development of knowledge. Offering affordable chiropractic and wellness care to the community. Copyright © 2020 Kaplan International Pathways – All rights reserved. Independent research offers students a taste of the culture of research and life as a scientist. Why research is important 3 concepts or constructs. Firstly, teaching staff who take part in university research will be participating actively in their field. Before the research paper is declared dead and deleted from the curriculum in pursuit of briefer and more tech-based learning, here are 8 important reasons why students should still write research papers. On the occasion of the 28th annual Undergraduate Research, Scholarship and Creative Activities Conference on April 28 and 29 — where more than 700 students presented their work — we introduce you to some students and graduates who shared what they’ve gained. There are also more tangible benefits. In fact, the more research you do, the more you can do with your life. Why is research important? Universities generally want to shout about their research. Firstly, teaching staff who take part in university research will be participating actively in their field. And, what’s more, even after you graduate, you’ll benefit from university research. happy for reason number four. In the UK, one way to see how much emphasis a university places on research is by checking the Research Excellence Framework. Our undergraduates have, by the time they are asked to design and run their own experiments, come to understand the importance of the scientific method and to realize how much effort is exerted by psychological scientists when conducting quality research. Published On: April 20, 2016 A nurse’s primary role is that of caregiver and advocate for his or her patients, but nursing roles have expanded, and that has given them the opportunity to contribute to patient health and wellbeing in other critical ways. When exploring the impact of research, consider what it would be like if the automotive industry ceased all investigative efforts. Individuals can rely on academic r… This is why research is embedded into initial teacher education. They are encouraged to open their minds and be open to the possibilities that research can reveal. Our operations around the world – we’re closer than you might think! Cleveland University-Kansas City (CU-KC) for example, offers a challenging curriculum, but also the opportunity to participate in various research studies on campus.