Learning how to play sound through mic is essential for computer users. Question With the recent addition of helicopters, my friends and I have been blasting Fortunate Son while sending flame rockets at nakeds from a minicopter but it would be so much easier to use a … How To Play Music Through Mic Using Voicemeeter And A Soundboard. Link to post. You can try using the virtual audio cable as a model of sound transmission which works well. Here’s a step-by-step TUTORIAL that covers them both: how to play music through mic using VoiceMeeter and a soundboard (links to another tutorial post). PlayTo is an Xbox feature that enables your Xbox 360 or Xbox One console to play streamed media from compatible devices and apps in Windows 10, including the Groove Music and Movies & TV apps. You need Apple Music Converter to strip DRM from Apple Music. I am trying to get audio through my Xbox one s controllers audio jack, this is connected over USB to a windows 10 laptop. Karichii 13 Karichii 13 OFFLINE; NEW WHITELIST; Last played: 2 years ago 2; 13 270 posts; Posted July 23, 2014. Spotify launched its Xbox One app for free and premium users, making it easier to play Spotify music on Xbox game consoles. I looked thru the knowledge base on Lightstream and didn't seem to see anything but I'm not the best with computer related stuff. I'll have a look for a good one and leave it here. Let me tell playing sound/music through Mic is very easy. If it isn't against the rules I am so going to play Friday through my mic. Recently i bought a Xbox one Chat Adapter for my Rig 400HS Headset (Xbox One compatible) And when i enter party chat, my friends can hear my music, game audio and them selves. … These guys while I was playing Assassin's Creed Brotherhood online were playing Katy Perry's song California girls and were singing along with it...I mean they were terrible. Actualités et événements; Amou For instance, lets say I'm in a game and my friends want to chill with some music so I play through my mic, but I still want to talk to them at the same time as the music, how do I do this? I’ve gone ahead and updated this in 2019. How to play music through my microphone in game? 12,075 : YouTube™ Views: 1,750: Unique Visitors: 2: Current Favorites "Ever wonder how people can stream music through their voice chat? (Tested on Windows based systems) Enabling that will push all audio out to the mic. The music will consistently sound garbles. Playing Xbox Party Chat Through a Headset while having game audio come through the laptop speakers. • Apple Music songs are DRM protected M4P files, so you cannot stream Apple Music to Xbox One like streaming MP3 songs. Check the audio settings on the guide to make sure they are not low. How To Play Music In Discord Through Mic. press the Xbox button on the controller, move all the way to cog icon, and select the audio option, from there you should be able to see the volume and mixer options for the headset. I have seen a guy back in the days of halo 2 do it but lost the link not to mention it was for Xbox not 360. How to play music through voice chat without HLDJ. The controller works fine in all other areas and I can use for games etc. Jan 13, 2011 4,170 2 35,260 1,186. To play audio through Skype can be surprisingly simple as long as you follow the right tutorials. Favourite answer. You don't ask "Anyone" couple of hours after your first post. Most PC's have what's called "Stereo Mix" in the recording devices. If you have a Windows 10 computer near by, you could create a separate account and log in to the Xbox App, then join party. I know there was an app called Sync Stream i used to use and it worked fine but now for some reason Xbox got updated and it doesnt work like it used to. It’s fully free. 1 decade ago. This method is for those who wish to play audio files though the mic or just to mic spam without using external programs, or heck, without having a mic even. My earbuds that have a mic on them works with the controller and console but the audio quality isn't very good. While I am on 360 I hear people blaring music over the mic and it sounds horrible.